Full Body Workout Routines

4 Trending Full Body Workout Routines You Have to Try

Workout Routines to Try

When it comes to fitness and staying in shape, nothing beats full body workout routines. These workouts focus on your entire body, not a specific muscle group, and will have you burning a large number of calories. One benefit of performing these workouts is the short amount of time needed to feel and see results. So, if you find it challenging to carve out long stretches of time during your week to dedicate working out at the gym, check out these routines. Moreover, because these routines focus on your entire body, it is not necessary for you to perform them every day. Here are four trending full body workout routines you have to try.



Thoughts of yoga usually bring to mind different body movements and poses that improve one’s flexibility. Yes, yoga is an excellent method for addressing flexibility issues, but it can also offer you a full body exercise routine. In addition to targeting your upper body and core area, yoga will help tone and strengthen your lower body while providing your heart a workout. Poses and postures combine throughout your fitness routine will maximize your results.



If you seek to add a bit more pop to your full body workout routines, stepping up to a boxing regimen could be more to your liking. This type of exercise is not for the fainthearted. However, it can offer an outlet for any daily frustrations. Boxing is just one of the many exercises that is excellent for stress relief. It is an exercise that can be performed either on your own with a punching bag or as a boxing session with a sparring partner.


Working with Weights

Here is a traditional program that many still practice. Full body workout routines with weights typically require one to head to the gym and incorporate numerous exercises using weight machines. However, you can also do exercises at home. Useful for building muscle and burning calories, these routines can often be daunting. Focusing on one muscle group, working with weights requires you to perform a certain amount of reps or sets. Even though this regimen will focus on a particular muscle group at a time, rotating days for your workout will complete a full body workout.


Indoor Cycling

When it comes to full body workout routines, indoor cycling for cardio is a highly popular and an exceptional method of exercise. Indoor cycling is perfect for those who are time-crunched and want an exercise routine that is effective, exciting, and enjoyable. It doesn’t require you to spend hours at a gym to get fit. This full body workout only requires 45 minutes of your day and allows you to relax and focus all while riding inside a studio. Riding to upbeat rhythms during your workout the session will be anything but boring. And, with the support of fellow riders and trainers, you hold a sense of community throughout your indoor cycling experience.


Getting Into the Routine

As you can see, there are several options for working out the entire body. However, when it comes to a women workout plan, there are differences between fitness objectives. Most women are not interested in bulking up but instead, focus on toning the overall body. With indoor cycling for cardio included in your workout regimen, you will reach your fitness goals in no time.

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