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4 Benefits of Indoor Cycling Fitness

Cycling is one of the most favorited fitness workouts for the busy people out there. The downside is that various factors can influence your cycling regime. From unfavorable weather conditions, far off trails, complicated logistics, traffic, stop signs and so on. That’s when you realize that indoor cycling fitness is a perfect alternative. It is not just for bike lovers but for everyone who wants to hit the gym and finds it boring. Indoor bikes are stationary but also friction resistant, equipped with chain drives and heavy-weighted flywheels. These features offer a routine similar to road biking while allowing you to focus on yourself instead of your surroundings. Here are five reasons for you to start cycling today.


4 Benefits Of Indoor Cycling Fitness

1) Dance While You Cycle: You can incorporate some simple dance moves during your 45-minute bike ride that suit the music and please your mind and body. Rhythmic indoor cycling fitness has enhanced the biking experience. Aligning dance movements with bicycling improves your focus since your mind concentrates on two different fitness techniques – recreational cycling and enjoyable dance.

2) Physical Fitness: As you cycle against resistance, your muscular endurance, including the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles, increases. Indoor cycling fitness can also be a useful cardiovascular workout and improve your heart health. Active muscles and a healthy heart boosts your body’s stamina so you won’t be as fatigued as you go about your daily chores. A low-intensity cycling routine is an ideal option for people who are recovering from orthopedic injuries.

3) Happy Hormones: From low to high-intensity workouts, indoor cycling fitness gives your body an adrenaline rush that releases endorphins – which is considered our nervous system’s happiness hormones. Endorphins trigger feelings of positivity in our mind and body, reduce our stress levels, and combats any possible onset symptoms of anxiety or depression. You will be able to deal with the daily pressures of work or home – without going gray.

4) Burning Calories: The primary goal of the beginning of any workout is to burn all the extra calories that burden our body. A 45-minute normal cycling routine tends to consume at least 200 calories while a high-intensity workout helps burn at least 300 calories. You can easily incorporate indoor cycling fitness to your women workout plan.


Getting Your Workout In

Exciting music, flowing with the bike and getting in the groove. Not a moment during the session is anywhere close to ‘dull’ or ‘boring.’ While you draw inspiration from your instructors, you also become a part of highly motivated cyclists. The team infuses powerful energy that keeps you in the spirit and gives you a 45-minute workout. Every session is enjoyable and will compel you to come back for more.    

 Oxygen Studio provides indoor cycling in San Diego that is not about spinning wheels anymore. It has been reformed to improve fitness at all levels – muscular, cardiovascular, and mental. Most importantly, it has been designed to create room for fitness fans who are recovering from minor injuries or have constant joint problems like arthritis. Combining cycling with dance builds a robust aerobic base that flexes your upper body and core. Now you have a workout routine that encompasses everything from fitness to health to the fun.  

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