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5 Benefits of Indoor Cycling for Cardio

As we go about our busy lives, many find it difficult to take time out and focus on their health. Maintaining one’s well-being is a must, and a cardio workout assists in achieving this goal. Although people view cardio as a painful and grueling experience, it is merely a movement that increases circulation and gets your heart rate up. To explain the health benefits of cardio exercises consider this; without cardio, your muscles weaken, joints will become stiff, and you become injured. Also, your heart and lungs will not function efficiently. The best part about cardiovascular exercise is it does not have to be performed daily or for a lengthy workout time for it to be effective. Indoor cycling for cardio is a method that provides several benefits. Some of these benefits include improved heart health, increased metabolism (weight loss), stress relief, improved recovery ability, and disease management.


1. Improved Heart Health

The heart, which is considered a muscle, needs to be exercised similar to the other tissues in your body. Cardio is necessary to keep your heart active and healthy, allowing it to efficiently function. A healthy heart will provide the ability to perform daily tasks and exercises, like walking. Another indoor cycling fitness benefits it that it will also improve one’s endurance for those activities requiring higher levels of energy.


2. Increase Metabolism

Cardiovascular exercise consists of brief bursts of intensive activity and is ideal for increasing one’s metabolism. Cardio workouts, considered as anaerobic training, require you to perform at a high level of intensity but for a limited time. With this type of exercise, many do not realize that once you complete a cardio routine, your increased metabolism will continue to burn calories well after your training. The continued burning of calories after your workout is known merely as the afterburn effect. Of course, with increased metabolism, weight loss will result which is one advantage to indoor cycling for cardio. It’s designed to have you burning at least 300 calories per 45-minute class, and with the afterburn effect, you have the potential to burn many more calories after your session.


3. Stress Reduction

If you find yourself stressed out and needing to relax, one of the best methods is to get your body moving. During your first cycling class, you will experience how your body releases ‘feel good’ hormones.  After the class, you’re left feeling more positive, energetic, and de-stressed. Plenty of research studies indicate the damage that stress causes one’s body and its effects long term if not addressed. Further research indicates that with regular cardio activities, damage caused by stress is potentially be reduced or eliminated.


4. Management of Diseases

Investing some of your workout time on indoor cycling for cardio could keep you out of the doctor’s office. According to the Mayo Clinic when it comes to diseases and their risks, cardio assists in the prevention of a wide range of health concerns. With regular cardio exercise, one prevents or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.


5. Overall Appearance

Nothing like having an after a cardio workout glow. As crucial as cardio exercising is on the inside of your body, it is just as celebrated on the outside. Whether it be weight loss or management, toned muscles or vibrant glow to your skin. Cardiovascular exercise will have you looking your best.

Getting that Cardio in with Indoor Cycling

With all the benefits of a cardio workout, one should find a way to incorporate the regimen into their life and fitness goals. If you want to include indoor cycling for cardio as part of your routine, the staff at Oxygen Studio will help you along your journey to overall health and well-being.

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