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Indoor Cycling Workouts – What to Expect During an Exhilarating Ride

If you decided that indoor cycling is a mundane gym practice, you might want to think again. Indoor cycling workouts pair exercises that rejuvenate your entire body which other workouts don’t always provide. Indoor cycling focuses on all your muscles while also putting you through an intense workout session. So, what exactly does indoor cycling do for your body?

Looking Forward to Indoor Cycling Workouts

Indoor spinning routines might appear to be less intense than outdoor biking, but, in reality, they are not. In fact, a 45-minute indoor cycling workout burns even more calories than outdoor cycling – around 760 to be exact. But, before signing up for a class, it is important to know what you can expect during and after a spinning session to understand how much your body can handle.

1) Intensity Levels

If you are a newbie to indoor spin, you should start with an intensity level that you are most comfortable with. The intensity levels included in indoor cycling workouts are usually high since the aim is to work your entire body, prevent lactic acid from seeping into your muscles, and sweat out the calories. Even though this might seem overwhelming at first, just know that you can control your level of intensity throughout your whole ride.


2) Speed

The most challenging part is fluctuating the speed. Effective spinning workouts require you to accelerate at the highest level possible and maintain that speed for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at a time. The pace is then taken down a few levels throughout the ride, sometimes even to light pedaling. After another two to three minutes, you have to accelerate again, preferably quicker than the first time. So get your legs ready!


indoor cycling workouts Oxygen Studio


3) Intake of Food and Fluids

What exactly can you eat after a cardio workout? Within an hour after your indoor cycling workouts, you should consume both carbohydrates and protein in reasonable amounts. Your muscles need some recovery from such an exhausting ride. It is also important to eat well before hitting your spinning workout. Without proper nutrition, you won’t be able to cope with the intensity.


4) Resistance Levels

Indoor cycling equipment has different resistance levels you have to ride against. Cycling against varying degrees of resistance strengthens your legs and lower body. Low resistance levels are reasonable to start off with or if you have any knee problems. Medium resistance levels increase the amount of force you’ll need to move the pedals, which is similar to riding up a small hill. High resistance levels require exertion which only trained people can exercise. These resistance levels are controlled by the rider.  


indoor cycling workouts Oxygen Studio

5) Combination of Workouts

There is a variety of indoor cycling routines you can choose from according to your exercise goals. Interval workouts alternate between low, medium, and high-intensity levels. The Over-Under Intervals workout is spinning 4 minutes under your intensity level and 1 minute over your intensity level with 5 minutes recovery between intervals. Power Intervals workouts increase your ability to sustain your VO2 max and build your stamina. Speed Intervals workouts include altering your acceleration power. So if you are accelerating with force in the first 30 seconds, you can gear down for the next 30 seconds.

During indoor cycling workouts, you experience a high intensity, cardio powered full-body workout. If you are looking to get healthier and in good shape, then indoor cycling is a good option for you. Oxygen Studio offers classes throughout the week with different themes and music playlists. Visit us to obtain a full week on us and experience a new kind of workout.



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