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Indoor Cycling 101: What To Eat Before Your Invigorating Workout

Have you committed yourself to get in shape with indoor cycling? Are you ready to incorporate a few new habits that will have you feeling your best? If you answer yes to these questions and you consider yourself prepared to do some indoor cycling workouts, there is one last question you must ask before taking on this form of exercise routine. Do you know what foods are ideal before you participate in cardio? If you are unsure of the answer, here are some suggestions that will provide your body with the nutrients necessary for an invigorating workout.

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Before Cardio

When it comes to eating correctly before your spin class, carbs and protein are superior. Your body requires a sufficient level of energy for indoor cycling that only carbohydrates and protein can deliver.

Hitting up these powerhouse nutrients prior to your indoor cycling workout will aid in maintaining your stamina and keep you from “hitting a wall.” Although you may be tempted to skip food altogether before working out, this practice could result in adverse consequences to your health. Without adequate nutrition before a high-intensity workout, you run the risk of low blood sugar that results in you feeling fatigued. Restricting your pre-workout diet can further lead to loss of muscle mass, as your body burns muscle and organ tissue for energy not provided through ingesting carbs. It is suggested you consume these snacks 1 to 2 hours prior to your high-intensity workout.

Introducing carbs before indoor cycling can be a quick and easy snack. Grabbing a banana and a handful of almonds, dried fruits, or a container of Non-fat Greek yogurt will help sustain your blood sugar level and offer you plenty of energy. You can also whip up a protein smoothie that will load you up with nutrients.


After Cardio

If you’re asking yourself, what do I eat after cardio? Protein and carbohydrates are once again in the forefront. Foods you consume after an indoor cycling session are equally important to what you consume before hopping on the bike. And, because high-intensity workouts exhaust your body of energy-producing nutrients, their replacement is essential for overall health and well-being. The combination of protein and carbs will aid in muscle recovery and also restore your glycogen (blood sugar levels).  It is recommended you consume protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your cycling class.

Grilled chicken with spinach, which is ideal for reducing blood pressure, is an excellent meal to replace lost nutrients. Other terrific food choices include salmon, eggs, and tuna. Salmon can aid in reducing inflammation and supports joint health. Tuna and eggs are both excellent sources of protein and will help in muscle recovery and growth.  Believe it or not, chocolate milk is another after-workout snack that shows significant promise in replenishing the nutrients your body loses while exercising. It has been shown that a glass of chocolate milk will provide protein, water, sodium and sugar your body needs to recover and restore energy quickly.

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The Right Nutrition Garners the Right Results

When you commit to high-intensity workouts, the essential piece of equipment you have is your body. Taking care of it before and after working out is just as vital as any workout gear. With proper nutrition, your body will be better equipped for life beyond the gym.  

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