intense cardio workouts

5 Foolproof Intense Cardio Workouts That Work

Do you find it difficult to stay engaged with your existing routine? Are you seeking intense cardio workouts that will reduce body fat and keep you energized? If so, it is time to shake up your exercising habit. No need to stay with your current workout if you find it boring or it is not offering you the physical health benefits you desire. Regardless of which of the following exercises you choose to perform, changing up your routine to any of these five foolproof cardio workouts will have you burning fat and feeling great in no time.



Hitting the pavement is a quintessential form of intense cardio workouts and is popular for many reasons. It does not require a significant amount of exercise gear, can be practiced just about anywhere, and is free, unless you sign up for a gym membership to run on a treadmill during inclement weather. To get the most out of running, one should vary the distance, terrain, and speed. Incorporating changes such as longer distances one day, sprints on others will aid in fat burning and maintaining muscle. Varying the landscape will help prevent the wear and tear running on pavement can cause over time.

intense cardio workouts



Taking to the pool or beach to go for a swim is considered one of the best full body workout routines. Do not worry; no need to go all Michael Phelps in the water, even a few laps mixed in with intervals of treading water is considered one of the best intense cardio workouts.  In addition to burning calories, swimming has the bonus of eliminating damage or injury other forms of exercising can cause to your joints.


Jumping Rope

Although not a traditional cardio workout, jumping rope is not only enjoyable for children, it is also an ideal workout for adults. This form of exercise is cheap, easy to do, and burns loads of calories. As with other routines, a variance is critical. Changing up the speed from fast to slow jumps throughout will increase your metabolism and improve your stamina.


The Stairmaster

Another form of cardio exercise you should consider from our list of intense cardio workouts is a stair climber.  When climbing stairs, you involve a high leg lift that requires a significant amount of muscle compared to walking. You can rotate between low and high-intensity levels on the machine, providing an ideal mix. Incorporating movements needed for a stair climber workout is not exclusive to the gym either. Whenever the opportunity allows, perform a short exercise on any stairs at home or work.

intense cardio workouts


Cycling Workouts

When it comes to cardio routines, people often ask what does indoor cycling do for your body? This form of high-intensity exercise offers a full body workout that will keep you engaged and motivated. During a spinning class, you will change tempo and speed comparable to other methods of cardio workouts. Indoor cycling is an outstanding form of cardio that will increase your metabolism and burn calories.


You no longer have to endure a dull workout routine that does not meet your physical health needs. It is true; change does the body good. Incorporating one or more of these intense cardio workouts into your exercise regimen will produce the positive results you have been seeking.

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