OxyTrainer of the Week: Alex

Alex’s spunky personality shines through the Oxygen Studio every day of the week! One can typically find her working on partnerships for Oxygen, teaching an OxyRide or planning her next Hike + Flow class.

In her free time she loves to summit mountains, practice sunrise yoga on the beach and dance the night away at a fiery Salsa club!

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Q. Tell me about yourself. 

A. I recently graduated from college and was working a job in Los Angeles that I really didn’t like. I always loved fitness and health and the effects they can have on people’s minds, bodies and overall spirits. So when I moved down to San Diego, I decided to get back into teaching. I taught all throughout college and then I took a break while I was working. I really, really missed it so that’s what I’m doing now.

I was also born and raised in Europe and I moved every couple of years. I was born in Budapest and my dad is Hungarian. I think that’s why I fit into the studio — because we are international. I am American and a dual-citizen, but I was raised with the blessing and opportunity to experience so many different cultures and to talk to so many people.

That’s why I have such a big love for meeting new people and learning about their lives and their views. Everyone has such a different view and perspective.

Q. What do you like most about Oxygen Studio?

A. The spirit of the studio and how it’s a judgment-free zone. And the people that work here are just so fun and passionate about being happy, and putting their happiness first. It’s just a really good example here that everyone is living a life that they love and sharing that passion with everyone here. I think everyone here just brings such a unique spirit to the studio. We have a cool little family going on here.

Q. What do you want your riders to experience when teaching a class?

A. I want them to find the best version of themselves and really return to the fact that it’s just them and the bike.

It’s time for them to think about their journey, every single song and every single pedal stroke so that they are making the best they can of that 45 minutes.

And to not waste a single minute of the ride, and not doubt themselves. Let go, work hard and make it worth their time and make a difference.

Q. What inspired you to teach group fitness? What were the first classes you started teaching?


Photo by Caroline Burt

A. I was always athletic. I did dance before, but I went to a dance class called Brazilian Booty in college which was just an hour of squats to really fun music with this teacher who was a rock star. And then after that I decided to try every single group fitness class that my college offered.

I really fell in love with the atmosphere because I felt like people push each other in a really positive and fun way, and it’s competitive. I’m a competitive person so if I see someone squatting lower than me or working hard than me I say “I’ve got to push myself a little bit harder.”

It’s so much easier to get an intense workout on that vs. by yourself at the gym. I just can’t do that. I like the group environment.

Then I started teaching TurboKick. I always loved to dance so I started teaching Zumba and then I did PiYo, a Pilates-Yoga fusion class. I got certified in Schwinn cycling and started teaching spin my senior year.

Q. Were you always into fitness?

A. I played tennis my whole life. I danced.  I like to try new things and new sports.

I was not super-fitness oriented until I moved to Los Angeles. That started out as a really unhealthy place. I moved to L.A. and I was surrounded by girls who were stick-thin and gorgeous, and I think that really got to me.

So my freshman year of college I actually went through a really unhealthy body image. And then I went to Italy and regained a healthy relationship with food. It really helped me rediscover my love for food and eating right. And then I started teaching fitness classes when I got back.

Our atmosphere at college was not to say things like “Oh, let’s lose three pounds before spring break” or “Let’s get that beach body.” It was more like – “let’s make a good decision every day” or ‘’let’s make a lifestyle choice right here and right now and let’s build to be healthy and happy.”

Q. Share a fun fact about you.

A. I hike mountains. I summit mountains.

Q. How did you get into hiking?

A. I always liked hiking, but I didn’t start really getting into it until a year after I graduated. I was dating someone and we went on a camping/backpacking trip and it was a total fail, but it set off a spark in me. I thought it was cool so I found a community of people to go with. My first hike that I did was a solo summit in Mount Baldy which is 10,000 feet high. I did that by myself on a Monday afternoon and that kind of set off a crazy spree.

I just finished hiking the tallest mountain in the U.S. in August. I’m going to continue to do it – probably forever.

Q. What is your favorite song of the moment?

A.  “Sorry not Sorry” by Demi Lovato.

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