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Indoor Cycling vs. Spin Class in San Diego

Now that it’s officially Spring you may find that you have a renewed sense of motivation on those new year’s resolutions that haven’t quite transpired. You’re onboard with a nutritious, balanced diet and know that an exercise plan is a vital part of your overall goal of getting your body into summer mode.  What better way to add to your women workout plan than an exercise method that is effective, exhilarating and enjoyable? Look no further than indoor spin class in San Diego. You may assume indoor cycling and spin classes are the same; there are differences, so before you schedule your first class and jump on that bike here is some information that can help you compare indoor cycling and spin classes.


The Workout

Indoor cycling fitness and spin class (spin is a branded name for indoor cycling) both offer significant benefits in their workouts. Spin class in San Diego, sessions are usually offered several times a day and range from 45 minutes to one hour. The instructor will use invigorating music to provide the rhythm for your movements and speed on the bike. The momentum stays strong throughout the entire class and will result in exhaustion and euphoria when finished. Your body may be weary and sore initially, and that’s ok. Know that you just did your body some good. Even though indoor cycling and spin classes are considered low impact, which can eliminate injuries caused by other forms of exercise, they involve aerobic and anaerobic exercise helping you burn 400-600 calories an hour. These workouts improve a multitude of health areas including cardiovascular, body weight, muscle strength, and skin appearance.


The Environment

Now that you know the workout similarities between indoor cycling and spin class, recognizing their differences is just as important. The room environment needs to be taken into consideration when discussing this form of exercise. During a spin class in San Diego, the environment is undeniably intense and can often be overwhelming for some. Must your exercise experience be fraught with the feeling of defeat? No. There is something to be said about finding enjoyment in what you are doing and having plenty of support and comradery throughout your journey cannot be overstated. Your inside cycling instructor and fellow cyclists will provide the reassurance and consideration necessary to keep you excited about attending your classes. This understanding of encompassing one’s entire body in the exercise process is felt in the atmosphere during Oxygen Studio’s classes like spin class in San Diego. The studio provides a Zen-like atmosphere, complete with blue lighting and candles that set the tone of relaxation and focus. This environment will allow you to focus on getting fit while feeling relaxed and with a calm mind.


The Endless Options of Spin Class in San Diego

There are plenty of studios and gyms that offer indoor cycling or spin class in San Diego. However, one should take note of the differences between them. If you are motivated and focused on bettering your body and mind, you should consider joining a class. Remember, when it comes to getting into shape the inside is just as important as the outside and at Oxygen Studio in San Diego, the entire team will help you focus on both.

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