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In-Person Spin Classes vs. a Peloton Bike

As a cycling class enthusiast, have you ever wondered about the multitude of options of cycling classes or at-home cycling being promoted these days? It is difficult to not go a day or two without hearing or seeing advertisements for either of these options. The Peloton bike has made a name for itself with the many Peloton Interactive Inc. commercials on television. Are spinning bikes for home use any better than the cycling class at your local studio? If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone. It can be confusing when deciding which cycling workout is ideal for your needs. To help answer this question, here is a comparison between indoor cycling classes and the use of a Peloton bike.


Peloton Cycling

If you watch television, chances are you have viewed a Peloton bike commercial. The stationary bike is in the middle of a large living room with the actress enjoying her cycling routine. What the ad does not highlight are the costs and requirements for using the bike and its software. The initial price of the bike with a mounted 21.5” screen on the front is a little over $2,000 and requires a $39 monthly subscription for the bike to work. In addition to these costs, it has pedals designed to operate with LOOK Delta cleats which are $129 a pair. It is recommended you purchase a floor mat to avoid potential damage to your flooring. These upfront costs can undoubtedly have a cycling devotee second-guessing this option.


Online Spin Classes

With the monthly subscription, a rider has unlimited access to on-demand cycling classes and up to 20 “live” online classes each day. A variety of instructors lead individual courses ranging from 20 to 45 minutes with fellow riders and background music. In addition to the energy provided by the instructors, there is a sense of serious competition amongst the riders inspired by a leaderboard displayed on the bike screen for all participants to view.


In-Person Spin Classes

One advantage of indoor cycling classes are the physical interactions with fellow riders. It is an atmosphere of friendship and comradery over the competition. The instructors and background music will have you energized and focused. Another difference between indoor cycling and the Peloton bike option is cost. The cycling sessions are 45 minutes in length and are charged per session, not on a subscription basis, and there is no need to purchase a bike, mat, or specific cleats. Classes are scheduled several times a day, throughout the week.


Benefits for the Body

If you are asking what does indoor cycling do for your body? Just as with the Peloton bike sessions, indoor cycling has plenty of benefits including cardiovascular health, weight loss, and improved muscle strength and endurance. Indoor cycling will also help alleviate stress and provide a fellowship of support with other riders.

Both cycling options present one with an opportunity to join others in the pursuit of better health and fitness. However, a cyclist should consider the differences between in-person courses and the peloton bike and decide which is the ideal approach for his or her needs.

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