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The Three Best-Themed Spin Classes Offered at Oxygen Studio

Nobody disputes the fact that exercise is an essential ingredient in a healthy lifestyle, yet many of us struggle to find either the time or an enjoyable hobby that we can fit into our daily lives. Moreover, some exercises, such as running, can cause damage to the joints, and even cycling can result in a disaster if practiced on busy roads. So, what about spin classes?

Thanks to spinning classes, otherwise known as indoor cycling, you can realize all the health benefits of cycling without having to face traffic or place pressure on your joints, and they’re lots of fun, too. At Oxygen Studio, our focus is to make exercise as fun as possible, which is why we offer a range of themed spin classes here at our fitness center in San Diego.

Our instructor-led, 45-minute spin classes give you a full body workout, helping you burn calories, strengthen and tone your muscles, increase stamina and make new friends. Plus, thanks to our themed spin classes, you can start and stick to a hobby that’s genuinely fun. Here are some of our most popular indoor cycling workout themes:



If you want to work out in an energy-filled room to your favorite tracks by Shakira, we have the perfect class for you. Shakira is adored by all demographics, and as we all know, she takes amazing care of her body and health. During this 45-minute class, you’ll hear a carefully selected playlist of Shakira’s most popular songs, all of which provide the ample setting to get your legs moving. Join students, young men, and women as well as working professionals at our SHAKE IT TO SHAKIRA spin class by signing up today.



Drake, our favorite Canadian rapper, actor, and entrepreneur has produced a library of songs that motivate our students to pump their feet. Drake has teamed up with many adored hip-hop and pop stars, including Eminem, Rhianna, and Lil Wayne, to create tracks that our minds play on repeat, and you’re sure to hear some of your favorites during our DRAKE ONLY RIDE spinning classes. 45 minutes of your most-loved hits while giving your body and health the ultimate workout in rhythm – what could be better?



The 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which took place in Indio, California, attracted over 100,000 attendees every day, thanks in large to appearances by headlining artists Beyoncé, The Weeknd and Eminem. Adding to the musical splendor were bands and solo musicians such as Jamiroquai, HAIM, A Perfect Circle, Deorro, and Soulwax, all of whom helped the most recent Coachella be the most successful one yet. Whether you want to relive the memories of the event or imagine yourself in the audience while working your entire body, our RIDECHELLA classes are here for you.


Will You Join Us?

Our themed spin classes are a safe sanctuary in which you can release your inner strength, exercise to heart-pumping tracks and unlock your full potential. We’re one of the most highly recommended pacific beach cardio gyms thanks to our themed spin classes, so either contact us on (858) 230-7900 today with any questions or book a class that works with your schedule.

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