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Fitness Motivation 101: Women Workout Plan for the Busy Collegiate Student

Best Workout Plans for Busy Students


For most people, the goal of working out is to lose weight, increase strength, and improve overall health and well-being. But men and women often have different goals when it comes to appearance. While many men are interested in bulking up and increasing muscle mass, women tend to be more concerned with getting toned. For this reason, most women stick to cardio and away from the weights. But weights can be your friends! This short women workout plan will help give you the tips you need to get in shape in no time at all!


1) Cardio

Cardio is essential for any workout. It’s the best way to lose fat and improve your cardiovascular health. But most people have the problem of staying interested in doing their cardio. There are only so many hours a person can spend on a treadmill or an elliptical without going crazy. So mix it up with different types of cardio! Throw in some sports like soccer or change your workout venue. Adding this to your women workout plan will not only make things more interesting but also challenge other muscles to increase overall definition.


2) Make Friends With the Weights

For your health, it is essential that you engage in strength training for women. You don’t have to worry about looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. For your women workout plan, all you need to do is focus on medium weights. Each person is different but you want to target is at 50% of your strength capacity. Then you are aiming for the 8-12 set range. This will get you toned, stronger and look the way you want!


3) Cycling

There’s a difference between going for a lovely Sunday stroll through the park and actually doing a proper cycling class. Cardio is one thing, but nowadays there are targeted cycling classes that are able to hit all of your workout goals.


Not only can you get the cardio in, but you can build muscles in core areas like hamstrings, glutes, and thighs and more than anything it’s fun. Indoor cycling in San Diego brings you together so you can work on your cardio while also achieving your fitness goals.


A women workout plan will help you stay focused so that when you hit those trick plateaus, you’ll have the support you need to break through the wall and hit the next level!


Set a Schedule

The most important thing is that you set a schedule. You don’t need to workout for an hour every day. But if you can fit in at least four or five good workout sessions per week then you’ll be able to achieve the results you want.


With this women workout plan, not only that your overall health and happiness will improve as you continue to get in shape. Forty-five minutes is all you need. Most of us spend that much time on our phones each day anyway. In addition, creating the ultimate cardio nutrition plan will assist as a supplement to your workout plan. So put down the phone for a little bit and get turned up and ready for a great workout!


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