Why Indoor Cycling is Ideal for Team Building Activities

By cngdigital | October 10, 2018
team building activities

As the seasons shift, so do most of our exercise routines. Once the days become noticeably shorter and the weather turns colder, it is easy to set aside our exercising goals for a more sedentary lifestyle. With indoor cycling classes there is no reason you, your friends or coworkers cannot continue to enjoy working out…

5 Foolproof Intense Cardio Workouts That Work

By cngdigital | September 19, 2018
intense cardio workouts

Do you find it difficult to stay engaged with your existing routine? Are you seeking intense cardio workouts that will reduce body fat and keep you energized? If so, it is time to shake up your exercising habit. No need to stay with your current workout if you find it boring or it is not…

Indoor Cycling 101: What To Eat Before Your Invigorating Workout

By cngdigital | August 27, 2018
Indoor Cycling

Have you committed yourself to get in shape with indoor cycling? Are you ready to incorporate a few new habits that will have you feeling your best? If you answer yes to these questions and you consider yourself prepared to do some indoor cycling workouts, there is one last question you must ask before taking…

The Three Best-Themed Spin Classes Offered at Oxygen Studio

By cngdigital | August 21, 2018
themed spin classes Oxygen Studio

Nobody disputes the fact that exercise is an essential ingredient in a healthy lifestyle, yet many of us struggle to find either the time or an enjoyable hobby that we can fit into our daily lives. Moreover, some exercises, such as running, can cause damage to the joints, and even cycling can result in a…

Indoor Cycling Workouts – What to Expect During an Exhilarating Ride

By cngdigital | August 3, 2018
indoor cycling workouts Oxygen Studio

If you decided that indoor cycling is a mundane gym practice, you might want to think again. Indoor cycling workouts pair exercises that rejuvenate your entire body which other workouts don’t always provide. Indoor cycling focuses on all your muscles while also putting you through an intense workout session. So, what exactly does indoor cycling…