5 Superfood Benefits that Improve Your Workout

By Oxygen Studio | February 16, 2018
superfood benefits

It’s always important to fuel your body properly, especially when you’re pushing your body through a cardio OxyRide at Oxygen Studio. Once you reach that three-day-old workout barrier, the soreness kicks in and your energy reaches critical levels. Therefore, it’s important to know what foods can help to enhance your performance. Recently, it’s become harder…

Indoor Cycling 101: The Ultimate Cardio Nutrition Plan

By Oxygen Studio | February 5, 2018
cardio nutrition plan

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply get fitter, a cardiovascular exercise routine requires a cardio nutrition plan. Adopting a nutrition plan will allow your body to receive the fuel it needs to get through the day. Combining exercise with a nutrition plan will promote weight loss – you’ll consume less excess calories that’ll…

Trending Sports: 6 Benefits of Indoor Cycling in San Diego

By Oxygen Studio | January 31, 2018
indoor cycling in san diego

Cycling is great exercise and a fun activity, but at times it’s far from perfect. For instance, if there are limited trails where you live, cycling can become repetitive. Plus, you may find it difficult to go out in poor weather — it can even be dangerous. Another issue: if your bike suffers a flat…

OxyTrainer of the Week: Dounia

By Oxygen Studio | January 12, 2018

Dounia fills Oxygen Studio with positive energy! She began with the company when the studio was under construction and says Oxygen is her oxygen. Her passion for helping others makes her a positive asset to the team. She is always willing to help her students reach their full potential and introduce new students to the…

Oxygen Studio is Albion Soccer's New Official Fan

By Oxygen Studio | December 21, 2017

Oxygen Studio is thrilled to announce our partnership with Albion SC and Albion PROS — as their new Official Fan!   Thanks to this special partnership, Albion families will discover indoor cycling and its great benefits! We are proud to support them and attend their events in 2018. The mission of ALBION teams is to represent San Diego on the soccer scene for while embracing people’s passion…