Dounia is simply the sunshine of the team! Her spontaneity, generosity and energy rapidly spread in each of her rides.

She is Swiss and Tunisian and moved to San Diego with dreams and goals in mind. She quickly fit into the Californian lifestyle and started surfing and practicing yoga.

She became a yoga and sculpt instructor before she discovered indoor cycling, and Oxygen Studio was a revelation for her.

She started at Oxygen as the assistant studio manager and she started taking a few rides a week, then she became addicted and could not stop riding. She says the 45-minute experience was so positive and empowering for her that she wanted to spread it and help other people feel the same way. “When you step in this dark room, it is not only about sweating and having fun, it is about disconnecting and finding yourself.”

With no hesitation and with Bam’s support she knew that indoor cycling was her new path. She started training at the studio for a few months before she officially became an instructor on the schedule in May. Ride with Dounia every Monday night at 6:30pm for welcoming, inclusive Ladie’s OxyRides and throughout the week!



Sofie is originally from Denmark and has taught a large variety of fitness classes including indoor cycling, strength training, dance fitness, and yoga over the last decade.

When not in front of the crowd in the cycling studio or yoga room, she enjoys long outdoor runs, practicing mindful yoga, cooking healthy delicious meals and going out salsa dancing to socialize.

Her passion for active living combined with her Dual Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science motivates her to teach strong, heart pumping, beat rhythmic Ride classes and a mentally and physically strengthening, self connecting yoga class.



Alex grew up moving every couple of years, and the only thing she returned to in every new town was her love of dance. She grew up studying all forms of dance and continued pursuing it throughout high school and college.

Wanting to increase her fitness regimen, she took an indoor cycling class her first week of freshman year and fell in love with the atmosphere. She loved how motivating and encouraging it could be to work out with a community of other people, and decided then and there that she wanted to lead group classes!

Kisha Maher


Kisha Maher is a FUN OxyTrainer! Her mission is to create playlists that inspire you to be your best self and enjoy your ride. She is light-hearted, super creative, and a total party on a bike. Make no mistake though, you’ll have a FULL experience in this babe’s class and leave work. Kisha has broken the Guinness World Record for paddleboarding, is a Certified Personal Trainer, and the Director of FIT BABE LIFESTYLE. When she’s not instructing tap backs on a bike or kicking bootay’ at one of her bootcamps, she enjoys living a healthy, beach-filled, lifestyle in La Jolla Shores.



 Zach is a multifaceted OxyTrainer whose interests span the full spectrum of fitness, music, spiritual progression, and world travel.

Zach grew up playing football in Texas, and since then has traveled and lived all over the world including 22 countries. In that time he has taught Scuba diving, Yoga, spin class, meditation, music production, and boot camps. He is most fulfilled by sharing knowledge, compassion, and love with students. You can expect each one of Zach’s classes to be a unique experience, full of sweat, self-introspection and most of all: fun.